The company

NAFSA S.L. has a long experience in the design, manufacture and sale of all kind of industrial electromagnets, holding electromagnets, solenoids, latching and two-way linear electromagnets and electromagnetic bolts.

Since its foundation in 1996 NAFSA has been focused in providing to its customers custom made solutions, most of our production consists of electromagnets and solenoids specifically designed for customers or adaptations of standard models.

Main production sites

Nafsa has two production plants. The headquarters are located in Gernika (Bizkaia) and from 2009, with our partners of Ingeniería Magnética Aplicada (IMA) we are part of a Joint Venture company called IMA&NAFSA and sited in the city of Ningbo (P.R. Of China).

Bekoibarra 27.Módulos 4, 5, 6, 7
48300 – Gernika
Telephone: +34 94 453 10 61
Fax +34 94 625 01 51

No.155-1 North Jingu Road, Yinzhou
Ningbo, 315104
PR China
Telephone: 0086 574 2883 0620  
Fax: 0086 574 2883 0628

R & D Technical department

NAFSA has a highly skilled technical department, focused in the development of new products in close collaboration with our customers and in the continuous improvement of our products and processes next to the production and quality departments.

For that purpose we work with most advanced software such as SOLID EDGE (3D design), FLUX2D and FLUX3D (electromagnetic field simulation), HEXAGON (spring design) etc…


The production system of NAFSA has qualified staff and specific machinery for to develop winding processes, machining (turning, milling, grinding etc …), riveting, assembly and testing of our products.

In NAFSA we understand innovation as a need and we focus in the development of new products and continuous improvement of our production processes and customer service.

Within our production process is particularly relevant order and cleanliness, so each reference is properly identified allowing proper assembly of our electromagnets.

Moreover, NAFSA has several exclusive distributors spread around the world, allowing us to offer a service adapted to the needs of each geographic area.



In NAFSA we understand the quality of our relationships, processes and products as a key factor in our business performance. Our company works according to ISO9001 standard.

We have testing and verification equipment of the main properties of our products: 3D measuring equipment (to check machining, stampings, and other parts under specifications …), several measurement equipment such as (dial gauges, center bench, pass no-pass gauges…) electrical insulation measurement equipment (Megger, dielectric strength measuring equipments…) solenoids and electromagets testing equipment (force test, heating, speed, response time, endurance test), test benches to achieve continuous improvement of our products, salt spray test chamber (to test the coatings in our parts) etc…

Sales department

NAFSA has a skilled and self-motivated sales team. You can address us your requests in English, Spanish or French. For German speaking countries, in JS MAGNETTECHNIK will be glad to assist you

We commit ourselves to answer your request on standard products within 24h. Regarding the development of new products, we will keep you informed on the status of any project you may kindly assign us.