Characteristics of C30

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Protection rate: IP00

Insulation class: F(155º C)

Standard voltage:
24-48-125Vdc and 220Vac

Absorbed power at 20ºC: 8.5W

Duty-cycle: ED 100%

Weight: 0.6Kg



This bolt is locked without voltage, the locking is made by an incorporated spring. With an electrical signal the bolt turns to unlocked.

The key has two positions, in the locked position the key cannot be removed. To remove it, it is necessary to unlock the bolt.

The number of microswitches and its operation mode (normally open, closed or combined) depend on the application required.

Applications: it is designed to protect properly from electrical accidents, it is assembled inside the front of the high, medium and low voltage electrical equipment and for all those applications where an electrical signal needs to be sent or turn off by a combined security activation (thumb switch/ key turn)

Operation mode

To operate any part of the line and for being sure that electrical accidents does not happen to people, the bolt must be unlocked.
Push the (a1) thumb switch, at the same time turn the key 90º to (A), in this position the microswitches (b1-b2) are working and the line of actuation is cut, stop pushing the thumb switch and extract the key (d), this must be kept out of the electrical equipment, in the unlock position the lamp is switched off, it switches on when locking.
To lock introduce the key and turn 90º to (B).
The bolt will be supplied with two keys.



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